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Do You Have a Fire and Smoke Restoration Plan?

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration in living room Do You Have a Fire and Smoke Restoration Plan?

Get expert restoration from a name you trust. When a tragedy like a fire occurs, you can rely on SERVPRO of Martin County to get your life normal. Remember, the first hours after a fire are vital and this is the importance of have a Fire and Smoke Restoration plan.

  1. Inspect: The fire damage restoration process begins with an inspection of your property to determine the extent of the damage.
  2. Pre cleaning: Perform an initial pre-clean of smoke-affected property to halt the damage for a cost-effective and successful restoration project.
  3. Smoke odor reduction: SERVPRO of Martin County uses several tools and techniques to reduce smoke odor including negative air containment, deodorization, ozone, sealing, and thermal fogging.
  4. Cleaning: Cleaning is a SERVPRO of Martin County specialty so you can rest assured that all affected areas of your home or business will be thoroughly cleaned and restored. Once the process is complete our expert staff will return and replace your personal items.

We have a specialized fire and smoke restoration team serving in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Hutchinson Island, Saint Lucie County, Hobe Sound, Port Saint Lucie, which is professionally trained and equipped to restore all spaces to an even better condition they were before the fire. Our purpose is to make you feel stress-free about all the restoration because you are on really good hands and everything will go back to normality as soon as possible!

If you have any question about the process, timing or costs, please do not hesitate to contact us at (772) 334-8762 or visit us at 1235 NE Savannah Road, Suite 102 Jensen Beach, FL 34957.

Water Damage Restoration Services & Cleanup for Your Home and Business

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

Office flooded by water damage Water Damage Restoration Services & Cleanup for Your Home and Business

When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is required. At SERVPRO of Martin County, we are water removal and cleanup specialists and are ready to service your home and business when flooding or water leaks cause water damage. Technicians respond immediately and use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to remove the water quickly and efficiently.

Our technicians closely monitor and document the drying process to verify your property is thoroughly and properly dried. We quickly dry your property using state-of-the-art water removal equipment and advanced drying techniques, documenting the drying process to make sure your property is dry and the job is done right.

Our staff is highly trained in water damage restoration services & cleanup. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s Corporate Training Facility to regular IICRC industry certifications, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property. Our training program includes the following:

  • IICRC Training
  • Employee Certification Training
  • Initial Franchise Training
  • e-Learnings
  • Continuing Education Classes

We are proud to serve our local communities: Palm City, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Hutchinson Island, Saint Lucie County, Hobe Sound, Port Saint Lucie.

Get help with our 24-hour service.

Call us now (772) 334 - 8762

What To Do If You Had Fire Damage

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Fire out of control What To Do If You Had Fire Damage

Having a fire is one of the worst things that can happen to a family. A small fire can be harmful enough; a big fire can be deadly to everyone in the household and devastating to your property.

If you had a fire in your home or office, the first thing to do is to call 911. Let the firefighters handle the damage and don’t try to enter the property until the authorities declare it’s safe to do so. If there are any hurt people, you can provide first aid while the ambulance arrives.

The priority is to ensure the well being of the people in the household, both physically and emotionally. Make sure that anyone who was hurt receives adequate medical treatment. Pay attention to how you and your loved ones are coping with the situation and try to promote emotional recovery.

If you have pets, you need to look after them as well. If your pet or pets are hurt, look for veterinarian attention. Comfort them if they are stressed and keep them somewhere safe until the authorities declare it is safe to re-enter the house.

These are some actions you can take after a fire in your home:

  • Contact your local disaster relief, as they can help you find food, clothes, medicine, and other things you may need.
  • If you have insurance, contact them. Ask them for instructions on what to do and find out their coverage. If you don’t have insurance, contact community groups and ask for assistance.
  • Check with the fire department when it’s safe to enter the home.
  • Contact your landlord or mortgage and report the fire.
  • Contact a cleanup and restoration company as soon as possible to repair most of the damage.
  • Try to find valuable documents and records. Replace those that were damaged.
  • If you leave your home, notify the police that the site will be vacant.
  • Save all the receipts for all the expenses related to the fire, as you could need them with your insurance company and to prove any losses on your income tax.
  • Check with an accountant or with the IRS about special benefits for people recovering from fire damage.

If you would like more resources on fire recovery, check out this hub compiled by the American Red Cross.

At SERVPRO of Martin County, we hope you and your family are able to get through the painful experience of a home fire both physically and emotionally. We would also love to help you out with our fire damage restoration services.

SERVPRO of Martin County is faster to any size disaster and is available to assist you with your emergency with its highly trained restoration technicians and equipment, covering 24 hours of emergency services.

Each fire emergency is different, so the process we would need to follow differs according to the extent of the damage and the materials involved. Our technicians will assess the situation and come up with a specific plan for your restoration process. The “typical” fire damage restoration follows this course:

  1. Emergency contact
  2. Inspection and fire damage assessment
  3. Immediate board-up and roof tarp service (if needed)
  4. Water removal and drying (if water damage is present)
  5. Removal of smoke and soot from all surfaces
  6. Cleaning and repair
  7. Restoration

See our fire damage restoration process for more details.

If you had a fire, call (772) 334-8762 today, and we’ll help you restore the damage like it didn’t even happen. If you don’t, save our number for later emergencies!

What To Do After a Water Damage Emergency

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

Living room flooded by water damage What To Do After a Water Damage Emergency

Water damage to your home or property demands immediate action. The longer you wait to bring in professional restoration contractors, the greater the potential to increase the amount of damage because damage from anything that leaks water can expand very quickly and suddenly.

After any water damage situation, your primary focus should be safety:

  • Is it safe to stay in the house?
  • Electrical and "slip and fall" hazards are some of the most prevalent concerns.
  • Only do activities that are safe for you to perform.
  • Wet materials can be VERY heavy. Be careful!

While a professional arrives, you have to:

  • Remove as much water as possible.
  • Remove wet area rugs or other floor coverings not permanently attached.
  • Lift draperies from the floor, loop through a coat hanger and hang them on a drapery rod.
  • Wipe furniture, prop up wet cushions to dry and place aluminum foil under furniture legs.
  • Remove art objects to a safe, dry place.
  • Open drawers, closets and cabinets.
  • Turn air conditioning on for maximum drying in summer.

We are water removal and cleanup specialists and are ready to service your Stuart home when flooding or water leaks cause water damage. We quickly dry your property using state-of-the-art water removal equipment and advanced drying techniques, documenting the drying process to make sure your property is dry and the job is done right.

24-hour service – (772) 334-8762

Helpful Tips to Clean Your Home After a Fire

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

House in fire Tips to Clean Your Home After a Fire

Seeing your home and possessions consumed by fire can be one of the most severe losses that a homeowner can experience. After such a devastating loss, reassurance comes from having clear guidance and support in salvaging as much as possible from fire and smoke damage. Cleaning up fire damage in your home can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. During this confusing time, it’s important to know what to do and who to contact.

After authorities have given the go-ahead to enter your home, it’s up to you take the necessary steps to clean up. If you don’t think you have the time or ability to completely repair your home, it’s important to hire professionals as SERVPRO of Martin County to complete the cleanup. Ensuring your family, a safe home is invaluable.

·        If the temperature is above 60 degrees, air out the house to reduce smoke odor. Remove any items that will attract mold growth, such as curtains, clothing, and other wet fabrics. Wash all items with a strong detergent. If it cannot be washed, it should be thrown away.

  • Clean laminate surfaces as well as chrome, porcelain and aluminum fixtures to prevent permanent tarnishing or etching.
  • You shouldn’t eat or drink anything that has been near the flames, soot, or smoke. Anything that is in a cardboard box or that has been opened must be thrown out. Food in cans or freezer foods with ice crystals are salvageable.
  • If the electricity is off, clean out the refrigerator and leave doors propped open.
  • After valuables, trash, and salvageable items have been removed, it’s important to dry out flooring to prevent future damage, including mold growth. Create adequate ventilation by opening windows, doors, and turning on ceiling fans and vents. Your goal for your flooring should be determining if water has seeped underneath the floorboards and carpet mats. If so, the flooring may need to be replaced. Our professional of SERVPRO of Martin County are trained in fire/water cleanup and will be able to tell you if your flooring needs to be replaced.

There is no substitute for training and experience. As fire and water damage specialists, our business is built upon fire and water restoration expertise. We have the knowledge and the specialized equipment to get your property back to pre-fire condition.

Have Questions? Call Us Today – (772) 334-8762

SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team for Local Businesses

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team for Local Businesses

We know you don’t have time to worry about the common wear and tear that gradually soils your local business or if is worse, a disaster. When grime, odor, and moisture challenges go beyond the scope of your regular janitorial staff, you should call SERVPRO of Martin County for prompt service. You can rely on our disaster recovery team for local businesses to make your workspace look its very best.

There's never a convenient time for fire, water or any disaster damage to strike your business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call, and we'll be there fast with the help you need.

Our disaster recovery team for local businesses is composed of our best of the best in restoration. Our elite large-loss specialists are pre-qualified and strategically positioned throughout the United States to handle any size disaster. Every large loss is supervised by a commercial operation manager to help ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation.

Our SERVPRO of Martin County Disaster Recovery Team can provide help whether it’s a tornado, hurricane, blizzard or flood.  Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, we are prepared for the unpredictable.

Call (772) 334-8762

Storm Damage Restoration for Local Businesses

6/29/2020 (Permalink)

Storm Damage ? Storm Damage

Storms, whether they are hurricanes, thunderstorms, or serious rainstorms, can cause devastating damage. Small businesses are especially affected by them, as they don’t have the resources that big businesses possess.

That’s why every year, Florida local business owners worry at the coming of hurricane season. But even if they know hurricanes can have a big impact on their business, sometimes they don’t imagine the extent of the damage they can cause.

How much damage can a hurricane do?

Hurricanes are composed by two elements: water and wind. Both can wreak extensive damage on a property.

The water from a hurricane, just like the water from any storm, can cause flooding. Flooding leads to carpet, furniture, and upholstery damage, debilitation of the property’s structures, and electrical hazards. It can also pose a risk for your health if there is black water present or if mold develops.

For its part, wind can blow large objects into your local business, be it trees, street posts, or heavy items on the outside. These objects can damage your roof and walls, or sometimes even crash into the interior of the property. Additionally, it can break windows if they are not reinforced correctly.

Beach-side businesses and properties are the ones most at risk. Not only do they suffer the same risks from water and wind, but as they are near the sea, big waves can impact them and cause further damage.

Who cleans up after a storm?

Even if your local business provides handy work to its customers, the damage caused by a storm is too vast to be handled alone. You need to look for a professional damage restoration company with all the required training and equipment to handle your emergency.

As you know, local businesses present different needs from those of residential properties. Therefore, you should look for a company with years of experience in storm damage restoration for local businesses, such as SERVPRO of Martin County.

SERVPRO of Martin County has the training, experience, and equipment to handle commercial storm or water damage emergencies large and small. Regardless of your property type or size, we will respond quickly to clean the property and manage the restoration project through to its completion.

Every hurricane or storm damage is different, so the process our technicians follow will vary according to the needs of the property. When you call us, our professionals will ask you several questions to assess the damage. Afterwards, our team will go to your small business and make an inspection, and then present an action plan to restore your property to pre-storm condition.

SERVPRO of Martin County has the experience, certifications, and technology necessary to handle flooding, structural damage, mold, and other effects of storms and hurricanes. Learn more about our commercial storm damage restoration services.

Suffered from storm damage in your local business in Martin or Saint Lucie County? Call us, we’ll get faster to any size disaster! Is your business in perfect condition? Write down our number; you’ll never know when you’ll need it!

Phone: (772) 334-8762

Learn more about our new Certified: SERVPRO of Martin County Cleaned Program

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

Certified: SERVPRO of Martin County Cleaned Program Logo Certified: SERVPRO of Martin County Cleaned Program

You know SERVPRO of Martin County as a leader in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration, but our professional cleaning services can also make a dirty carpet "Like it never even happened," providing emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays. You can expect an immediate response time, day or night.

At SERVPRO of Martin County, we’re dedicated to inspiring confidence in communities across the country as we find our way to a new normal. And we’re doing just that with Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program that goes beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning that helps ensure the cleanliness of the restaurants, businesses and public spaces in the communities we all call home.

With over 50 years of expertise, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills - always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities.

So when you see the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned shield, you can walk in with confidence. Because you’ll know the #1 choice in clean up and restoration was there.

Are you a Consumer who wants to learn more about the program? Call Us Today – (772) 334-8762

When should you get your carpet cleaned?

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

Servpro of Martin County cleaning a carpet When should you get your carpet cleaned?

Carpets are a beautiful addition to your home: they decorate the floors with your own personal stamp, from bright to neutral colors, from rustic to fancy, from solid to uniquely patterned.

However, they also require proper care to look their best. If you don’t vacuum and wash it often enough, your carpet will become full of dust, dander, and even germs. And if it’s neglected for too long, it can be hard or even impossible to restore it to its original color and texture.

The problem is that carpets, unlike other materials, don’t show well how dirty they are. The surface may not look dirty, but the base has already started to accumulate pollutants. By the time the surface appears dirty enough to warrant cleaning, the dirt and grime are so deep-seated that the carpet will still look dull and dingy even after cleanup.

Therefore, a visual inspection is not a good measure for when your carpet needs to be cleaned. The rule of thumb for cleaning a carpet is:

  • Spot cleaning: as soon as they’re noticed.
  • Vacuuming: once per week.
  • Deep cleaning: once per year.

However, keep in mind that not all households are the same, and some may need to have more regular cleaning. Families with children, pets, or smokers would do better vacuuming twice a week and deep cleaning every six months. Cases of extreme traffic and dirt require vacuuming four times a week and deep cleaning every three months.

The best way to know how often you should clean your carpet is by asking a carpet cleaning professional, like SERVPRO of Martin County. An expert will consider not only the traffic your carpet receives, but also the material and even the warranty of the carpet.

A carpet cleaning professional will not only clean your carpets thoroughly, following quality standards, but they will also know the best method for cleaning your carpet, like hot water extraction or dry cleaning.

If you live in Stuart, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Palm City, or any other city of the Martin County area, you can call the SERVPRO of Martin County experts for professional carpet cleaning.

The SERVPRO of Martin County carpet and upholstery cleaning service will not only get out the dirt you see, but will also remove the unwanted dust you don’t. A professionally cleaned carpet and furniture may make all the difference in brightening up a room and freshening up your home or business.

Get your carpet professionally cleaned and watch it gleam again!

Phone: (772) 334-8762

Disinfecting services for local businesses

4/16/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Martin County staff disinfecting office Disinfecting services for local businesses

SERVPRO is a trusted leader in the restoration industry. Whether you need help with emergency flood damage or your upholstery cleaned, you can depend on SERVPRO of Martin County. Our technicians have extensive cleaning and restoration training and can make your property look its best.

You don’t have time to worry about the common wear and tear that gradually soils your office. When grime, odor, and moisture challenges go beyond the scope of your regular janitorial staff, you should call SERVPRO of Martin County for prompt service. Whether it’s removing an odor problem or deep cleaning flooring or carpets, you can rely on us to make your workspace look its very best.

This service will have our trained cleaners disinfecting local businesses with hospital-grade disinfectants. All of our cleaners are currently using products that breakdown and remove bacteria and viruses, as research shows that one of the most effective products in breaking down bacteria and viruses is soap! Soap’s ability to break down virus’s outer fatty layer makes it harder for viruses to survive on surfaces as well as makes it easier to wash away. Our cleaners will continue to use soap-based products as they normally would as well the hospital-grade disinfectant for an extra level of protection.

Our disinfecting service can be an additional service on top of your home or business’ regular clean or you can have this as a stand-alone service.

Have Questions? Call Us Today – (772) 334-8762